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guess you dont have to put up with me anymore!

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as some of you may know.... i got kicked outa DLN! for admin abusing... i was in a chat with Danger and Gary... and how Gary can just sit there while i admit admin abusing (wen im sure most of you will agree he does it too!) and he doesnt say anything bout what he does!? while his friend has his admin taken off and kicked out!?

well, yeh i've been annoyed recently 'cause of smt personall that happened and then nooby was on the server there was no proof that he had to be unbanned! so i went back on and banned him... gary had annoyed me for the last time so admitedly i banned him too... but then for nooby to go and hit me with this personal problem (diako can back me up on this he was there) and upset me i just tweeked and went and told danger everything bout my admin abusing and everything! i didnt care what was guna happen, cause i knew what was guna happen! i told danger "go on take my admin away! i know its the right thing to do and if i were you i would do the same thing" <= well smt along those lines... anyway i'll be on the server every now and again but other than that! CYA!!!

u was a good admin dont forget that and we will keep on with the servers WITH YA NOT WITHOUT YA Sad

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BiOoQ ???

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im here man i just think that this shit is fked up i was fking going to buy source TOMORROW IN 12 HOURS -.-

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